Customer Card /

Customer Card /

Easy and quick
The customer card allows you to shop – here and now!
You are free to spend up to the agreed credit limit between dkr. 5.000 and dkr. 30.000.
You pay an established monthly fee.
Every month you receive a payment history, where you can see your transactions.

Customer card – in short:
Easy and quick:
No setup fees
Balance via SMS.
PIN code to protect against abuse.
Offered in collaboration with SPARXPRES.

Established monthly fee
You can choose how much you want to pay per. month, however minimum 150 dkr.
The interest rate is currently 0.99% per month, similar to annual variable borrowing rate of 12.55%.

Credit limit Minimum payment Credit limit Minimum payment
5.000 dkr. 150 dkr. 20.000 dkr. 550 dkr.
10.000 dkr. 275 dkr. 30.000 dkr. 825 dkr.

You get a personal PIN code that you use when you pay with your Customer card. You also get a SMS with the balance.

It’s easy to get a customer card

Click here to submit an application

Contact us to learn more 
Call SPARXPRES that manages the Customer card. Telephone +45 96 16 13 00 or e-mail:

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